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What Manuscripts Teach
McCormick, Melissa. “What Manuscripts Teach.” In Hābādo daigaku bijutsukanzō genji monogatari, kagerō , edited by Itō Tetsuya. Tokyo: Shintensha, 2014.
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McCormick, Melissa. “On the Scholarship of Chino Kaori.” Japanese Art: The Scholarship and Legacy of Chino Kaori, special issue of Review of Japanese Culture and Society XV (2003): 1-24.



McCormick, Melissa. “Rethinking Patronage Paradigms.” Art History Department, Universidad Etadual de Campinas (UniCamp), Brazil, 2015, May, Submitted.
McCormick, Melissa. “Inside Out: Panoramic Genji.” Metropolitan Museum of Art, Art of Japan Scholars' Day, 2015, November, Submitted.