Maya Stiller

Maya Stiller

Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
Maya Stiller

Maya Stiller earned her Ph.D. in Asian Languages & Cultures (focus: Korean Buddhism) at the University of California in Los Angeles. Her field is the history of Korean Buddhist art and visual culture with focus on the Chosŏn period (1392-1910). Through an interdisciplinary approach that includes art history, religious studies, sociology and GIS (geographical information system) technology, she explores visual interpretations of Buddhist faith and practice; tensions between Buddhist patronage and social identity in Chosŏn period Korea; and local interactions between Buddhist and Confucian cultures. Her current scholarship includes articles about Chosŏn period Buddhist gold line painting, the patronage of warrior monk shrines in late Chosŏn Korea, and true-view landscape painting. She has also contributed to the Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism published in 2014.

 Dr. Stiller is currently completing a manuscript entitled Transformational Journeys and Encounters: Pilgrimages to Kŭmgangsan in Early Modern Korea (1650-1900).

 List of courses:

EASTD 150 Ceramic Arts of Korea – Placenta Jars, Pottery Wars and Tea Culture

EASTD ? Buddhist Art of Korea

Visiting Faculty Status