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Harvard Emaki Workshop 2011: Case Studies and Close Readings

February 12, 2011

Harvard Emaki Workshop 2011The workshop on February 12 will feature case studies of specific pictorial handscrolls presented by a group of scholars of Japanese art history, as well as more general discussion on the current state of the field of research on emaki.  Each speaker will present a 20-30 minute talk (with images) regarding a particular scroll; a group discussion lead by a discussant will follow each panel of three papers.... Read more about Harvard Emaki Workshop 2011: Case Studies and Close Readings

Fresh Ink

December 4, 2010

Fresh Ink

Currently on view through February 13, 2011, the inaugural exhibition in the Museum of Fine Art’s new Ann and Graham Gund Gallery is Fresh Ink: Ten Takes on Chinese Tradition, a groundbreaking exhibition in which ten leading artists from China and the Chinese diaspora show new works that they created in direct response to masterpieces in the Museum’s world-renowned collection.... Read more about Fresh Ink

The TANGE Kenzō Workshop

October 17, 2009

Kenzo TangeThe workshop on October 17 will attempt to map out major vectors of inquiry concerning TANGE Kenzō's architectural and urbanist legacy,and will be characterized by group-driven discussion in a seminar-like context. Attendees will represent a mix of specialists in TANGE Kenzō, modern Japanese architecture, modern Japanese art and history,and postwar architecture and urbanism.

... Read more about The TANGE Kenzō Workshop

Okakura Kakuzo & Meiji Japan

April 5, 2009

Okakura on horseback

The workshop on April 5th hopes to take advantage of the presence of Gardner Symposium speakers as well as the considerable expertise on Meiji Japan in the New England area to reassess the historical legacy of Okakura Kakuzo. This reassessment will take into account recent scholarship, primarily in Japanese and English, on Okakura's life, writings, relationship to cultural production, and later reception (both domestic, interregional, and international).... Read more about Okakura Kakuzo & Meiji Japan