• AIU 44: Arts of Asia, visit to MFA

    Prof Wang teaching with Chen Rong’s Nine Dragons at the Fresh Ink Exhibition, curated by Hao Sheng (2010)

  • HAA 286x: Modern Japanese Art

    Guest speakers on Nihonga, Profs. Chelsea Foxwell (U Chicago) and Alicia Volk (U Maryland) (2015)

  • HAA 188v Sacred Places and Sacred Objects: The Art of Japanese Religion

    Visiting Prof Samuel Morse and Teaching Fellow Fabienne Helfenberger (2015)

  • FRSEMR33w: Moving Pictures: Pictorial Narrative in Japan

    Anime storyboarding workshop with director Hosoda Mamoru, and Prof Ian Condry (MIT)

  • FRSEMR33w: Moving Pictures: Pictorial Narrative in Japan

    Workshop by artist Akino Kondoh with members of Prof McCormick's seminar (2011)


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Prospective Students

Graduate training is centered around coursework in Chinese and Japanese art history with the three faculty who oversee East Asian art studies at Harvard – Eugene Wang, Melissa McCormick, and Yukio Lippit.

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Study trips to museum collections and historical sites throughout Asia and other parts of the world are a crucial component of training in East Asian art. Excursions can either be planned as part of a course offering or taken independently by core faculty for individual research projects and exhibitions.

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