Harvard has abundant resources for the study of East Asian art. Local museum collections offer innumerable case studies for students. Specialists in the library and museums provide personalized assistance to enable students’ research goals. Many faculty in adjacent fields of East Asian studies embrace the study of visual and material objects in their research and work closely with our students. Specialists in other art history fields also work with students to develop comparative frameworks for their projects.

Research Archives

Chinese Ink Rubbing Collection

Housed with the Fine Arts Library, this collection has 2,602 individual East Asian rubbings, the majority of which are from China.

Kenzo Tange Archive

The Graduate School of Design houses Japanese architect Kenzo Tange's plans, drawings and models from throughout his career, which is actively used by faculty and students to study the history of modern Japanese architecture and urbanism.


Chinese Art Bibliography
20th Century Chinese Art Bibliography
James Cahill's Website (Full Text Database of his Writings)                                                                                                                  Association for Critical Race Art History Bibliography                                                                                                                                           




Arts of China Consortium
Japan Art History Forum (important: JAHF members can access resources such as bibliographies, course descriptions, and links for digital image sources)
Early Medieval China Group (Bibliography, Resources, Publications, Discourse)

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