JAWS 2017, March 9-16 (By Invitation Only)

SYMPOSIUM: MARCH 11-12, 2017 (By Invitation Only)

Harvard University

CGIS South Building (Kang Room 050)

1730 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Harvard Campus Map


March 11 (Day 1)

09:00                 WELCOME REMARKS
09:15-09:45    Carl GELLERT (University of California, Berkeley): "Harnessing the Afterlife: The Fujinoki Tomb’s Gilt-Bronze Saddle"
09:45-10:15    TOMANA Yū (Kyoto University): "Reassessing the Context of the Production of Ban Dainagon emaki (Illustrated Handscroll of the Courtier Ban Dainagon)"
10:15-10:45    Chun Wa CHAN (University of Michigan): "In Praise of the Micro-Universe: Scaling Buddhist Abodes in the Tamamushi Shrine of Early Japan"
10:45-11:00    BREAK
11:00-11:30    MIURA Yukihide (Tohoku University): "Considering the Images of the Poetic Immortals"
11:30-12:00     Yen-Yi CHAN (University of Kansas): "Emplacing Memories: The Creation of the Nan’endō and Its Buddhist Icons in the Early Ninth Century"

12:00-12:30    FUJITA Saki (Chiba University): "A Preliminary Study of the Aki no yononaga monogatari emaki"
12:30-14:00    LUNCH

14:00-14:30    HASEYAMA Shōko (Osaka University): "Landscape Painting by Soga Shōhaku"

14:30-15:00    Elizabeth SELF (University of Pittsburgh): "Yodo-dono’s Patterns of Patronage: Yōgen’in Temple and Beyond"

15:00-15:30    YURA Arō (Waseda University): "The Style of Kaihō Yushō’s Earlier Paintings: A Reconsideration about “The Former Ryoan-ji Temple’s Panel Paintings”

15:30-15:45    BREAK

15:45-16:15    Sabine BRADEL (University of Zurich): "Artistic Strategies in the Actor Prints of Suzuki Harunobu"

16:15-16:45    JŌSHIMA Satoshi (Kobe University): "Depiction and Composition"   

16:45-17:15    Kit BROOKS (Harvard University): "Shared Treasures: Still Life in Surimono"



March 12 (Day 2)

09:00                WELCOME REMARKS

09:15-9:45     EZAKI Yukari (Gakushuin University): "Hanshan and Shide in the Mid-Edo Period"

09:45-10:15   Jens BARTEL (Columbia University): "Fragments and Remainders: Early Large-Scale Interior Paintings for Buddhist Sites by Maruyama Ōkyo (1733-1795)"   

10:15-10:45    FUJIWARA Kanta (Nagoya University): "The Relationship with Zen Priests as Seen in the Early Works of Nagasawa Rosetsu: Calligraphy with Landscapes, Figures, Flowers, and Birds (Metropolitan Museum of Art)"

10:45-11:00    BREAK

11:00-11:30    Quintana HEATHMAN (University of Pennsylvania): "The Big Lives of Little People: The Fantastic Kobito in Edo Period Printed Books"

11:30-12:00    TAKEZAKI Hiroki (University of Tokyo): "Stylistic Changes in Maruyama Ōkyo’s Later Years: The Patronage of Myōhō-in Shin’nin Hosshin’nō and Kano Tan’yū’s Style"

12:00-12:30     Naama EISENSTEIN (SOAS, London): First Across the River, First Across Mediums: The Ujigawa Senjin Episode and its Representation in Edo Period Material Culture

12:30-14:00    LUNCH

14:00-14:30    Katharina S. RODE (Heidelberg University): "Between Imitation and Originality: Kawabata Gyokushō’s Painting Practice"

14:30-15:00    SHIMOYAMA Kinatsu (Keio University): "Reconsideration of the Theme of Painted Fans Mounted on a Screen (Museum of Imperial Collections) in Terms of Narrative and the Political  Context of the Early 17th Century"

15:00-15:30    YAMAGUCHI Mai (Princeton University): "Image and Text in Meika Gafu"

15:30-15:45    BREAK

15:45-16:15    Sandy LIN (University of Chicago): "Citing History at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition: Japanese Painters between Artistic Transmission and Creation"

16:15-16:45    KŌSO Yūko (Kyushu University): "The Modernization of Lacquer Art - Rokkaku Shisui’s Revival of Japanese Ancient Style"

16:45-17:15    Magdalena KOLODZIEJ (Duke University): “For Reference”: "Japanese Modern Art for Imperial Audiences (1922-1944)"




Jens BARTEL (Columbia University)
Sabine BRADEL (University of Zurich)
Kit BROOKS (Harvard University)  
Chun Wa CHAN (University of Michigan)
Yen-Yi CHAN (University of Kansas)
EZAKI Yukari (Gakushuin University)
FUJITA Saki (Chiba University)
FUJIWARA Kanta (Nagoya University)
Carl GELLERT (University of California, Berkeley)
HASEYAMA Shōko (Osaka University)
Quintana HEATHMAN (University of Pennsylvania)
JŌSHIMA Satoshi (Kobe University)
Magdalena KOLODZIEJ (Duke University)
KŌSO Yūko (KyushuUniversity)
Sandy LIN (University of Chicago)
MIURA Yukihide (Tohoku University)
Katharina S. RODE (Heidelberg University)
Elizabeth SELF (University of Pittsburgh)
SHIMOYAMA Kinatsu (Keio University)
TAKEZAKI Hiroki (University of Tokyo)
TOMANA Yū (Kyoto University)
YAMAGUCHI Mai (Princeton University)
YURA Arō (Waseda University)


Directions to Harvard Square

By Car

From the West (I90 – Massachussetts Turnpike): Take Exit 18 (Cambridge/Allston). Bear right after the toll booth at the end of the exit ramp. At the third set of lights (over the bridge), turn left onto Memorial Drive. After the second set of lights, turn right onto JFK Street. Go through two sets of lights. At the third set of lights, turn right. This is the center of Harvard Square. Please see the list below for parking in Harvard Square.

Public Parking Around Harvard Square: As a convenience for our visitors, we list below several commercial garages which may offer spaces. None is endorsed by Harvard.

Pilgrim Parking/Church Street
41 Church Street
(617) 661-5614

Harvard Square Garage
15 Eliot Street
(617) 354-4168

University Place Garage
124 Mt Auburn Street
(617) 491-0801

By Air
From Logan Airport
By subway (the “T”): Take the SILVER Line to South Station. Switch to the RED LINE outbound (toward ALEWIFE), go six stops and get off at HARVARD. The subway ride from Logan Airport takes approximately 45 minutes. The fare is $2.00.

By Taxi
The ride to Harvard Square takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about $35.

From South Station (Bus/Train Station)
Take the RED LINE toward ALEWIFE from South Station six stops to HARVARD SQUARE.

Harvard Campus Map

CGIS South Building Map